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Spring in to it.

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Today is the vernal equinox, aka first day of Spring. This year has been unseasonably warm for my area. Typically I can still expect snow this time of year but our windows have been open or A/C has been on for the better part of two weeks now. So normally the thought of “spring cleaning” wouldn’t cross my mind for a few more weeks (if at all). This year though, I think I will make a spring cleaning schedule to bless my family.

  • Now, I already shampoo’d the carpet in the boy’s room because of Mr. DS1’s little marker experiment. (Seriously…he won’t be living that one down for awhile. :p) But I will make it a point to shampoo at least the main living area’s carpet this weekend. I’m not sure I will do our room, there’s a lot of other stuff that needs to be done in there, the carpet is the least of my problems.
  • This is mainly aimed at the entertainment center but I will clear off shelves and other flat surfaces and do some major detail dusting.
  • Go through some boxes that have been sitting around far too long.
  • Purge closets.
  • Organize cake supplies.


I’m sure I will add to this list, but that seems good for now. :) Now to stay motivated. Ha.


What the…

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For any of you who have had a child whom has drawn on the walls. Let me tell you this…

WALLS can be painted, carpet has to be replaced. 



Prayer for DH

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It’s been busy around here. I’ve had various projects that I’m still working on. DH has been working late. The kids have been crabby. I’ve been crabby. The house is a mess. Laundry is piling up. We all have colds. I’m exhausted. March is always very busy for me, I’m not sure why, it seems that things just come up in March. We’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather, that we barely have time to go out and enjoy, I’m hoping it’s like this next week too when I have a bit of a break (hopefully). I’m not complaining, just saying…and then there’s DH. I ache for DH.

DH has been at the same job since he graduated. We’re very grateful that he has kept a job through this economy, we know that things out there are tough. But, DH is very unappreciated at work, and the company he works for doesn’t have very good benefits. He has had some blows this week and it’s making him very frustrated. For one, his co-worker was asked to go to Italy to train them on the program they use…this would not be a big deal but DH went to school for this program and has continued training and certification in this program while his co-worker asks HIM questions about the program on a regular basis. Life’s not fair but this is pretty much a kick in the teeth for him. I tried to play it up that since he does most the big projects he needs to stay home and keep working, but obviously it didn’t help much. Second, DH has been trying to get in to a different area of the company for quite some time but there has never been any openings that fit. Well there’s an opening now and the manager in that department wants him over there, but his current manager won’t let him go. He’s feeling very resentful towards his manager right now. DH has been looking for a different job for quite some time but nothing has panned out, and of course now he wants something new much more.

So, I would just like to pray for DH. To give him hope, and patience. To help him feel valued, and skilled. We know a job isn’t just going to fall from the sky and land in his lap, that it takes work. So please let something come of his many many applications. We’re ready for a change.

Know it.

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I went to midweek Lent service last night. Us women in the choir had a very pretty song to sing. I mentioned before that this year’s Lenten service theme is prayer, something I struggle with. The Pastor’s sermon was very true to me. He told a sweet story about how he visits the nursing homes with dimensia patients and that he wonders if it’s worth it. He wondered if they even know he was there two minutes after he leaves, but he is always reminded at the end of the service when he says “Our Father, Who art in Heaven…” All of them, he says, know the Lord’s prayer. They may not know how to get to page 4 in the hymnal to sing Amazing Grace, but they KNOW the Lord’s prayer. How amazing. He also said that it’s not how we’re praying or what we’re saying. It’s just that we’re praying. Amen to that.

I suddenly have a lot on my plate this month. I got an email on Tuesday about making a cake for this weekend. Then yesterday, I got another email about making cake pops for NEXT weekend. We are also getting DS2 baptized next weekend, and I will be making a cake for Bistro. DS1 is turning 3 this month, so I have a lot of caking and other planning for that. ALSO, I have to make 4 tutus and work on some branding things. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I picked up an extra babysitting job for this evening. I better start baking.

Oh by the way, we’re two weeks in to Lent, and I have not had a soda. I also haven’t had much craving for it. Hooray!

My Snow Angel

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Oh Dear Readers,

I know that there aren’t very many of you yet, but I’m sorry that I disappeared. I had a week of baby teething crankiness. The tooth, or teeth haven’t pushed through yet, but I believe he is doing better for now. They must have made some major progress up in his gummies. Also, I had to bring my laptop in for repair. I had been living with a crack in the LCD screen for quite some time. With this crack came a black blob in bottom right corner of my screen. Well this blob randomly decided to double in size. I was quite sad. So I brought it to the store I bought it from to see if there was anything they could do about it, and turns out they could replace the screen for only 250.00. It was either 250 for a new screen or 1500 for a new computer. Well I can’t afford a new computer. So here’s hoping it lasts another 4 years :). Oh by the way, everything is so crisp and pretty, it’s like having a new computer.



This last week aside from the above has been interesting. DH has been working late at his regular job. Normally I would ask “When are you going to be home?” and I would get exasperated responses of “I don’t know.” or “Never.” I decided DH viewed this question as slightly nagging which when he’s already stressed out about work he obviously doesn’t need any nagging. So I changed my game up a bit and asked “Are you going to be home for Dinner?” Mind you Dinner here is normally 5ish, but I told him it could be 6. This went over extremely well. DH was home by 6:30 at the latest instead of the somewhere between 8 and 10.  I had dinner ready for him each night. I think this is very good for him. He can get an extra two hours of work in, come home to a nice meal and still enjoy time with us. Instead of coming home between 8 and 10, not eating, and feeling totally burned out. Oh and if you notice, “Are you going to be home for Dinner?” still leaves room for a no, so if he really has something that needs to be done NOW, so be it. It won’t sound like I’m nagging or complaining.

We went to Church again yesterday. Although…we almost didn’t make it at all. We got there in time for the sermon lol. As soon as we were pulling out of the parking lot DS1 pipes up “I have to go potty!” We started potty training at New Years and DS1 just started telling us when he needs to go quite recently so we couldn’t just tell him to wait. So we pulled back in to the parking spot, unbuckled him, took him back inside, waited for the elevator, run run run to the apartment, go potty, come back out, wait for the elevator, get back in the car… At that point I was ready to just skip Church and go to Perkins, but DS1 wanted to go to Church so that’s where we went. We spent the rest of the day at my Mom’s house. DS1 went outside to play in the snow with Papa. When Grandma asked him what his favorite thing to do in the snow was he said making Snow Angels!

Then we went home and I cleaned for two hours (I’m serious, this last week was not very productive).

I will be doing the Time-Warp Wife’s bible study of Esther. This is the first online bible study I will be participating in. If anyone wants to be buddies drop me a line. Accountability baby. It starts today.