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Prayer for DH

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It’s been busy around here. I’ve had various projects that I’m still working on. DH has been working late. The kids have been crabby. I’ve been crabby. The house is a mess. Laundry is piling up. We all have colds. I’m exhausted. March is always very busy for me, I’m not sure why, it seems that things just come up in March. We’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather, that we barely have time to go out and enjoy, I’m hoping it’s like this next week too when I have a bit of a break (hopefully). I’m not complaining, just saying…and then there’s DH. I ache for DH.

DH has been at the same job since he graduated. We’re very grateful that he has kept a job through this economy, we know that things out there are tough. But, DH is very unappreciated at work, and the company he works for doesn’t have very good benefits. He has had some blows this week and it’s making him very frustrated. For one, his co-worker was asked to go to Italy to train them on the program they use…this would not be a big deal but DH went to school for this program and has continued training and certification in this program while his co-worker asks HIM questions about the program on a regular basis. Life’s not fair but this is pretty much a kick in the teeth for him. I tried to play it up that since he does most the big projects he needs to stay home and keep working, but obviously it didn’t help much. Second, DH has been trying to get in to a different area of the company for quite some time but there has never been any openings that fit. Well there’s an opening now and the manager in that department wants him over there, but his current manager won’t let him go. He’s feeling very resentful towards his manager right now. DH has been looking for a different job for quite some time but nothing has panned out, and of course now he wants something new much more.

So, I would just like to pray for DH. To give him hope, and patience. To help him feel valued, and skilled. We know a job isn’t just going to fall from the sky and land in his lap, that it takes work. So please let something come of his many many applications. We’re ready for a change.


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