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Spring in to it.

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Today is the vernal equinox, aka first day of Spring. This year has been unseasonably warm for my area. Typically I can still expect snow this time of year but our windows have been open or A/C has been on for the better part of two weeks now. So normally the thought of “spring cleaning” wouldn’t cross my mind for a few more weeks (if at all). This year though, I think I will make a spring cleaning schedule to bless my family.

  • Now, I already shampoo’d the carpet in the boy’s room because of Mr. DS1’s little marker experiment. (Seriously…he won’t be living that one down for awhile. :p) But I will make it a point to shampoo at least the main living area’s carpet this weekend. I’m not sure I will do our room, there’s a lot of other stuff that needs to be done in there, the carpet is the least of my problems.
  • This is mainly aimed at the entertainment center but I will clear off shelves and other flat surfaces and do some major detail dusting.
  • Go through some boxes that have been sitting around far too long.
  • Purge closets.
  • Organize cake supplies.


I’m sure I will add to this list, but that seems good for now. :) Now to stay motivated. Ha.


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