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This is my experiment and journey of becoming/being a Help Meet to my husband and children. I’m Katie, I’m 26. I married young at the age of 21. I have two boys (2009 & 2011) already when most of my classmates are just now getting engaged or married themselves. I am a stay at home mom. First by situation, then by choice. It has been the best blessing of my life. Now I am looking to expand that blessing and strive to do so by way of the bible.

To give you an idea of where I am beginning let me tell you this. It will be a huge change. I call it an experiment because currently as I am writing this I only go to church when the choir sings, because I am in said choir. My husband and children only attend on special occasions because they usually end up in the play room anyways. I am also domestically challenged. I am hoping, that by changing my ways, it will mold their ways.

Other abouts: I’m a cloth diapering, breast feeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting type. I do not consider myself extreme about these things though. My first wore disposables, was formula/bottle fed, slept in his crib after 6 months. The second (currently) has worn disposables on occasion, has formula mixed in to his cereal, and drinks (sort of) out of a bottle when he’s left with a sitter. I like the idea of being self sufficient and organic, but the truth is I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in a large suburb… so I can do very little to fulfill that dream until I have a house in the middle of nowhere. My husband and I are trying to be debt free. We have a lot of student loans to pound down, but we have not used a credit card in well over 3 years.


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